GEC recognizes the importance of local wisdom in each province. That is unique and unique to be processed into a variety of products such as food, handicrafts, basketry, including knitting and to stimulate the economy of Thailand. To create prosperity for the community to be able to raise the level of living of the people in the community for the better

by producing or managing locally available resources into a quality product has its own unique strength that conform to culture in each locality Can be sold in both domestic and international markets. "Products" do not mean the product itself. But it's a process. The idea includes service. Overseeing the conservation of natural resources and the environment preserving Thai wisdom extension of local wisdom Exchanging knowledge to become quality products with outstanding points and well-known selling points throughout the country and around the world. tools to help encourage entrepreneurs To further expand the business to support the target market interested in Thai products.

The hub Thailand

Number one B2B marketplace in Thailand that drive local Thai products into Global market.