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GEC Solution

Procurement Management

A procurement system that uses technology to help work through online systems. to reduce working time reduce the hassle of paperwork and help manage procurement within the organization to be more efficient

Order Management

We develop a platform that is an important mechanism for driving E-Commerce, buying and selling products online, both in B2B and B2C formats.

Transportation Management

Transportation management system for both vehicles and operations, including planning and controlling employees to increase efficiency and profits.


With the changes in today's digital world As online transactions become more important, GEC sees the benefits of using digital technology in all sectors. to improve the quality of life to keep up with changes To drive quality digital economy and society

GEC Commerce


In an era where buying and selling live online on the internet
We develop a platform to buy and sell products online. that gathers many products and stores together through the internet It is like a department store or a store that is open 24 hours a day.

Web Design

Website design service to be beautiful for your business to grow in a leap forward By designing websites according to the needs of business customers based on standardized UX / UI
- Support Responsive Design
- Web Application - Design Service

Bulk Buy Market

GEC develops a bid-to-sell system for bulk products or large lots, which is a system that can negotiate product prices. between buyer and seller And can be connected to the warehouse system and transportation system to make the ordering process can be delivered immediately
in order to facilitate the business owners And manufacturers use a system that is fast and covers the order of large lots.

GEC Consulting

PDPA Consulting

GEC, we have consulting services. And make all types of businesses to be in line with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) by a team of experts. with integrated technology You can be confident that the protection of personal information within your business is going according to

B2B Global
Online Market

To grow your platform more than ever, GEC offers a wide range of services. We are ready to take care of your brand. to help them better understand their customers and grow in the digital age By being an intermediary to connect to the B2B global market from trusted global brands.

GEC Fintech

Supply Chain Finance

GEC developed the Supply Chain Finance system (business revolving credit). or partner revolving credit), a platform that provides business network credit through billing, helping customers to have working capital without securities.

B2B Payment Gateway

GEC, we develop a Payment Gateway that provides a service for accepting payments for goods that agents or dealers of companies buy and sell. Emphasis on being a B2B Payment Gateway

Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment [E-Invoice]

GEC, we developed the E-Invoice system for entrepreneurs. And customers can work easier is e-BPP. Bill display and payment system (It is a system for displaying bills or electronic invoices of organizations. which customers can choose to pay by card

Hub invoice

To answer the problem of access to working capital sources for the Buyer / SME to unlock the limitations. because your business has to go on


GEC has developed a Crowdfunding platform which is a platform that connects people who want money to circulate in their business. Whether small, medium or large, and investors seeking returns through bonds, with intermediaries or funding portals

Financial Solution

Solutions to develop a system that provides comprehensive financial services in all dimensions to meet the changing consumer behavior in today's digital era. We develop systems for faster access to financial services. using technology to help the whole process including financial business, loan services, loan management as well as developing a payment system and billing system