Retail / Wholesale

Retail businesses such as department stores supermarket

We are part of the development of platforms for online trading, whether
- Ordering raw materials online
- Collecting documents on online channels
- Applying for working capital for your business
- Include your customer privacy policy.
to keep your organization powered by a system that is convenient and fast


PDPA Consulting

GEC, we have consulting services. And make all types of businesses to be in line with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) by a team of experts. with integrated technology You can be confident that the protection of personal information within your business is going according to

Procurement Management

A procurement system that uses technology to help work through online systems. to reduce working time reduce the hassle of paperwork and help manage procurement within the organization to be more efficient

Order Management

We develop a platform that is an important mechanism for driving E-Commerce, buying and selling products online, both in B2B and B2C formats.

Hub invoice

To answer the problem of access to working capital sources for the Buyer / SME to unlock the limitations. because your business has to go on

Easy Chat & Order

With the changes in today's digital world As online transactions become more important, GEC sees the benefits of using digital technology in all sectors. to improve the quality of life to keep up with changes To drive quality digital economy and society