StartUp type of business has come to play a huge role in the business industry. and is watched to be set up as a business that has been recognized It may be a business group that changes the world at all.

for emerging businesses Or open a new company to support the business to grow in a leap. can generate a lot of income It is a business that arises to solve everyday problems. We have to admit that to be successful in a startup business, one thing is as important as ideas. Is to look for solutions, even if they are small. But if we have a helper that will make your problem go away, try to study the information. From us to be part of your Startup to run business continuously and sustainably.

The hub Thailand

Number one B2B marketplace in Thailand that drive local Thai products into Global market.

Smart PDPA

Smart PDPA system to support the personal data protection law PDPA, both in part Data management system and consulting part.


Platform to raise funds for crowdfunding debentures